Have you been experiencing a tingling sensation in your fingertips? How about weakness in your wrists? You may be experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that occurs when the median nerve in your wrist is compressed by swelling, causing numbness, tingling, weakness, or pain in your wrist or hand. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common hand condition requiring surgery, affecting 3-6% of the general adult population annually. In the past, few treatment options were available aside from invasive and expensive surgical interventions. Fortunately, Willowbrook chiropractors have been able to successfully treat carpal tunnel syndrome with a more conservative and gentle approach. 


The most common symptoms of carpal tunnel include:

  • Burning/tingling in the fingers (especially the thumb, index, and middle fingers)
  • Weakness in hands and wrists
  • Pain or numbness in one or both hands
  • Swollen sensation in the fingers and palms 
  • Pain or numbness that worsens at night

This condition can significantly impact a person’s lifestyle, including difficulty completing small tasks, insomnia, and severe stress. In some extreme cases, if left untreated, the damage to the median nerve can cause permanent loss of movement in the hand.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may be similar to other medical conditions, so it’s essential to seek advice from a licensed healthcare provider for a diagnosis.


The carpal tunnel is a narrow opening between the bones in your wrist and the ligament that holds them together. Along with the median nerve, tendons run from your lower arm through the carpal tunnel and into your hand to provide feeling and movement to your thumb and first three fingers. If the tendons become irritated or swollen inside the carpal tunnel, they press on the median nerve causing carpal tunnel syndrome. 

While there is not a singular cause for carpal tunnel, the following may be contributing factors:

  • Frequent, repetitive movements of the hands (i.e., typing)
  • Wrist injuries (i.e., strain, sprain, dislocation, break)
  • Family history of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Joint or bone disease (i.e., arthritis, osteoarthritis)
  • Hormonal or metabolic changes (i.e., menopause, pregnancy, or thyroid imbalance)

People in occupations involving long-term and repetitive use of the hands and wrists, such as athletes, writers, musicians, and laborers, are more susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Traditional carpal tunnel treatment has been limited to decompression surgeries, physiotherapy, and prescription medicines. However, these options often fail to deal with the underlying problem and only provide short-term relief. Fortunately, many people in Willowbrook can find long-term relief from carpal tunnel syndrome through chiropractic treatment.

Our chiropractic approach is a non-invasive alternative that discovers and addresses the underlying cause of your carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Menton’s holistic approach considers several factors based on each specific patient, including age, medical history, lifestyle, and desired outcomes. Once we evaluate and establish the cause of your condition, we will formulate an individualized treatment plan to correct nerve interference in the spine and restore you to an optimal state of health. Your treatment plan may include the following:

  • Splinting your hand to limit wrist movements and ease nerve compression
  • Anti-inflammatory medication for swelling
  • Ergonomic lifestyle changes
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises

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